Problems ranging from muscle and joint stiffness to obesity or from palpitations to an increased risk of heart attack, regular and moderately vigorous activity, with at least 30 to 45 minutes of stamina building exercises, four times a week   [or more] reduces the likelihood of all these conditions. For weight loss and improved muscle appearance you will need to do some form of aerobic activity too. Work at intensity where you feel you are working hard but can keep going for at least 30 minutes. And this should definitely be more important to you than your work or no work, late night parties or no parties.


Here is an example of a 5’ 4” woman with medium frame weighing 58 kilos: doing everyday household work.   


1.While dusting at home or office her shoulders, chest, and triceps are actively involved thus in the process she looses about: 180 calories per hour.


2.While folding and storing clothes in trunks, boxes, almiras, bags and suitcases her back, arms, legs, are actively involved thus in this process she looses around: 255 calories for each hour.


3.While vacuuming and cleaning floors and the carpets her hands, back, biceps are actively involved and in the process she looses around: 230 calories per hour.


4.While gardening and watering plants her forearms and wrists are actively involved in this process she looses approximately: 180 calories per hour.


5.While washing clothes, curtains and sofa sets her hands, wrist, back, neck and shoulders are aggressively involved and in the process she looses roughly: 400 calories for each hour.


6. While chasing fireflies (jugnu) her legs, backside, hands are energetically involved and in this process she looses around: 355 calories per hour.



          Many clubs and gyms have their own dieticians; who would definitely suggest a weight loss programme that is purposely designed according to ones body structure and requirements. Far from being unpleasant the whole point of exercise and fitness is to increase your enjoyment of life. And subsequently once you are hooked to it check the fat loss and not weight loss.

          We have two types of tissues in the body. Firstly it is the lean tissue [muscle] secondly the adipose tissue. Once you decide upon a crash-dieting course to shed off extra weight, you deny basic nutrition to your body and thus end up loosing muscle tissue rather than fat tissue. Now see how it works. When you loose muscle tissue the rate at which calories burn during rest drops tremendously, you do loose false body weight but in return the body slows down the basal metabolic rate  [BMR]. Once you loose muscle tissue, body automatically increases its potential for storing fat, because the body now requires that many fewer calories to sustain itself. Even a diet consisting of a mere 1500 calories a day would be too much for the body to use and hence portion of it would still be stored as fat. Of course, this would not be a decent way of looking slim because it is unhealthy and undesirable.

          The body needs about 2/3 of our normal food intake [known medically as BMR basic metabolic rate] to maintain normal body temperature, tone up muscles, and keep our heart and other organs functioning healthily. Therefore a healthy medium frame adult weighing around 62 Kgs would need approximately 2400 calories a day. That is 1600 calories to maintain the system of the body [to provide basic energy to the body] and rest of the day’s work such as dressing, eating, sitting, sleeping, doing other office and house hold activities would require another 800 calories.

          What has to be seriously analysed here is that no one particular type of exercise or workout can bring results. So what actually has to be done? Fat belongs to the entire body and not to a particular part like the abdomen, hips, chest and thighs. These exercises actually work the muscles underneath the fat. When incorrectly working on body muscles, most of the time one is not burning fat, but destroying the basic foundation of the body, that is ‘muscles’. Any workout that allows the body to burn calories at an accelerated rate even during rest is definitely a better activity to choose for fat reduction Therefore, it is best to go for a cardiovascular workout but not exceeding 45 minutes at a particular stretch to minimise the muscle loss. There is no way to prove whether the calories lost are from fat or muscle. Our body firstly uses glycogen as energy and in its absence chooses muscle tissue. Fat is the last choice as a source of energy for the body. Here it is self-explanatory that those to increase the BMR of the body go for weights training exercise at home, gym or the club.

          People also have misconception that cardiovascular exercises are the only way to drop body fat. Which is wrong because effective and long lasting method of burning fat is the weight-training programme with an appropriate blend of cardiovascular exercises. The combination and blend of these two are the best to lose body fat. Weight training the larger body parts such as legs, back, chest-using movements such as squats, rows and presses help in accelerating calorie loss even after the workout ends. If in any doubt, get further professional advice from an experienced and qualified instructor.




Most people think they are not the exercise type. Well that is wrong, you are in for a surprise. If you are trying to loose a few kilos, be careful what you eat after your workout. According to new study, some energy bars sold at the gyms may actually work to prevent weight loss. Researchers at Ohio State University gave a group of volunteers either a low moderate, or high-carbohydrate energy bar or white bread and monitored the volunteers’ insulin levels before and after they ate. Surprisingly, both the moderate and the high-carb bars caused greater jumps in insulin levels than the bread did, 35 and 73 percent greater, respectively. In contrast, the low carb-bar raised insulin levels by 26 percentages less than the bread.

          “The more your insulin level spikes after eating, the harder it is for your body to burn off fat”. Says Steve Hertzler [Ph.D.]. Many folks who loose weights discover later that they like being active and are the best after loosing that extra flesh.Researchers emphasise to follow the ‘D&ECP chart’ [diet and exercise combined programme] and also do a minimum of one session [one session has three sets of fifteen repetitions each e.g. 45 no’s in all] four times per week of moderate exercise for 12 weeks. Add to this a brisk walking stretch of 4.5 to 6 kilometres daily, five times a week for 12 weeks [Approximately 3 months] to shed off 10 kgs of extra weight, if you are around 75 kgs now.                        

          In a study from Stanford University in the year 2001-2002 researchers compared between two groups; in a ‘diet only programme’ [DOP] and another ‘diet and exercise combined programme’ [D&ECP]. After six months, volunteers in the [D&ECP] ‘diet and exercise combined programme’ reported feeling less hungry and some even found it was much easier to control eating and avoid and munchies than those in the diet only programme.

          The ability to control yourself over snacks and munches is great once you really understand that these will ultimately lead you no where at the end of the day. Add just a little more to all this hard work: Invent what exercises can do for you and your bodyline.

          In a recent study in California, researchers asked 13 ‘overweight’ women to begin brisk walking 45 minutes per session five times a week; it was later found that these ladies could not carry themselves for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Therefore the timetable was rescheduled and reduced to 35 minutes. In the same period women were asked to cut back their calories intake [no fats no fries] through a dietician. Results had to be astonishing: After three months all the 13 overweight women had nearly lost 2.5 kilos to 4 kilos of weight. Most important, all of this loss was body fat; in fact fat in the women’s thigh muscles lowered by around 16% to 21% the women gained much better tone and improved aesthetics. The ability of lungs to take in more air jumped significantly, it increased to more than 8 percent. The women turned slimmer and gained extra stamina in due course of time. More important the loss in their body fat generated extra energy in them and above all improved their overall personality.

          “I have really tried this out and done it! Take my word on it. What a great relief it is to explain this to you”.  Want to bet…? So then, Get started!

          Watching kilos melt away is a great relief and an extremely wonderful experience in life. Seeing a new you in the mirror is exhilarating. Say if you have lost 10 kilos. Next time you go to your gymnasium [gym] get two five kilos each dumbbell. Well, just carry them around for three minutes.    [180 seconds] Heavy? That is exactly the extra weight you have had been carrying all these years.But at the same time, the pressure and greed to eat, eat, and eat more does not go away so soon. Stay alert even after you have reached your goal ‘weight’. How much you, exercise daily? How much you, eat? All this will have a huge payoff in terms of weight, health and self-confidence. What will you do now, when your weight is where you actually wanted it to be? Under control. Keep the weighing scales handy. Weigh yourself at least once a fortnight.

          Remember that as important is breakfast, lunch, and evening   session of drinks with late night dinners and parties for you and your family so is a good exercising routine. Therefore combine your eating habits with a good exercise and workout routine.   

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